Sauna, utility room, toilet and bathroom renovations in the whole Uusimaa region

Sajato Oy provides you with comprehensive renovations of wet spaces - we offer sauna, utility room, toilet and bathroom renovations. We operate both in the capital area and the whole Uusimaa region.

Pervasive service from the beginning to the end of renovations

In the beginning of a wet space renovation we chart the desires of the client about the big picture. If needed, we will advise you already from the design stage onwards. The client can provide the materials for the wet space renovations themselves and we can do the rest.

After demolition of old wet spaces, water insulation and ground work are done.  This is always done by a certified, trained professional with the latest education and knowledge. After the ground work is done the tiles are installed, the wall and roof work are done and the build-ins are installed. With electricity and water installations we use authorized subcontractors. All work done by us completes the demands set by insurance companies.

Whether you are renewing your bathroom, sauna or facility room, we will complete your wishes from the start of the project. Contact us!