Sajato Oy

Inclusive renovations of apartments and facilities in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and the whole Uusimaa region.

Sajato Oy operates in the whole Uusimaa region and it is 100 per cent a Finnish company; all workers are experts in their own field. We provide all-inclusive apartment and facility renovations from design to finish. In damage and renovation sites we provide you with a full package assessment, demolishing, drying and rebuilding. We will also provide you with interior design and structural drawings and will also do projects outside of properties.

Good customer service and communication

Collaboration with us is easy and we will keep you involved in the project during the whole process. You will always get transparent first-hand knowledge about what is happening. For instance, working with housing co-operatives and companies we regularly hold on-site meetings about schedules and how everything is going forward.

Quality renovations

Despite our good service we aim to keep our prices competitive. As you book a renovation for an apartment or some other renovation, we will give you an affordable offer. An affordable price does not however mean that we will neglect the quality of work or materials we use. In fact, during the years we have been recognized by our customers for our outstanding quality of work. We make sure that work done by us looks good and lasts years to come. Naturally we will give a proper guarantee.

See our previous projects in 3D versions here.

When you want first class quality and a comprehensive package for your renovation, we are the right choice – contact us.

Apartment renovations

We do quality apartment renovations always from design to finish.

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Damage renovations

Fire, water and environmental damage renovations with a fast schedule.

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Facility renovations

Including structural drawings and interior design.

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Wet space renovations

Classy bathroom, ambient sauna and functional utility room and toilet.

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See pictures of our quality work. Also, 3D interior pictures of our projects.

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See our list of references.

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